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 Marketing is ever changing and there are shifts every single day - some of those aid businesses and others, well, not so much. Luckily, I have to keep up with all of that and more for my start up, and I get to use that information + my  NYU degrees in marketing, brand strategy and public relations + experience with countless brands, to help you build and grow your business, brand or platform. Consulting with me feels different because I understand what it feels like to be in your shoes and am here to make you feel supported and deliver results. 



Consult with me on digital marketing, content strategy, social media marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, SEM, partnerships, events, public relations, business development and growth strategies and outsourcing any of your marketing and business development needs.

30 minute session

The 30 min session entails strategizing to achieve the goals you have in mind + feedback and insights on how to prove your existing initiatives and platforms feedback.

45 minute session

In the 45 min session we can discuss multiple facets of your brand, business and platform's development and strategies to improve + grow and incorporate market and competitor trends as well.

60 minute session

In the 60 min session we will discuss your goals + the areas you would like to improve. We will strategize how to achieve these through actionable and measurable steps. We will also look at industry + competitor trends and selectively incorporate what's best for your growth. Most importantly we will start implementing some of these strategies during the session itself and make sure you have the resources you need for complete execution.

Client Testimonials

I’ve been writing recipes on a blog since 2017 with limited traffic from Google. Ridhima advised me and helped me gain a better understanding of blog writing that is compatible with Search engine optimization (SEO). I loved how actionable and easy to understand her advice was and my blog has 3x in page views on since then. I love working with her because she made me feel comfortable and really helped me to understand SEO which is a complicated beast!

Elise Shivamber,
Food blogger & content creator

Ridhima’s inputs on my social media content and strategy have been incredibly helpful and refreshing. She gave me tips and ideas for ads I never really considered before. Ridhima also helped me figure out how to get the most visibility for my ad budget and how to target specific platforms and areas for the greatest ROI. The best part is - it actually worked and I saw the results in clicks, leads, and follows. She helped me understand how I can increase exposure on my reels too. Consulting with her has felt seamless and like I’m working with a friend. She definitely knows what she’s doing and it has helped take the guesswork out of social media as a solopreneur

Neal Bakshi,
Life coach & spiritual healer

Ridhima helped me brainstorm new ideas for my hair salon and brand’s instagram & TikTok. She gave insight on trends that were working in the industry and where I could cut costs significantly . I love that she's always willing and ready to help out and genuinely here to make my business grow!

Vanessa Verea
Founder of Humble & Vain Salon

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